Guidelines for using your Sprint® device on our service

The following terms apply for participation in the ECO Mobile Bring Your Own Device program with Sprint®:

The device must have the following characteristics:

  • Must be Sprint® branded or Sprint® network certified
  • Must not be under a current contract with Sprint®
  • Must be a model that is supported by our program. (Only certain Sprint® handset models are currently eligible to be activated on ECO Mobile. A Customer Care agent can help you determine whether your handset qualifies for this program.)

Until otherwise specified, the activation of devices as part of this program will be facilitated by ECO Mobile Customer Care. When you activate your Sprint® device with ECO Mobile, you are agreeing to the ECO Mobile Terms & Conditions.

Because your Sprint® device is no longer active on a Sprint® retail account, many of the devices applications and features will no longer work and ECO Mobile, who is responsible for your service, will not support them.

  • Applications include, but are not limited to: Sprint® “My Account”, Sprint® Zone, Sprint® Family Locator, Sprint® TV, Sprint® Radio, Sprint® Music, Sprint® Mobile Synch, Sprint® Mobile Wallet, Sprint® Powerdeck, TeleNav GPS Navigator.
  • Features include, but are not limited to: Picture Mail and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) features may not work on your device.

In order to activate your device on ECO Mobile, you may need to return it to factory default settings. This will erase all the information from your device (Pictures, contacts, custom settings, etc).

*Not all devices branded with the Sprint® trademark are eligible for activation by ECO Mobile under the Program; please contact your ECO Mobile representative to determine eligibility. Specific restrictions and exclusions apply. Some features of the device may not function properly when activated with ECO Mobile. Please ask your ECO Mobile representative about any limitations.

*ECO Mobile services are provided on the Nationwide Sprint® Network, ECO Mobile is responsible to ECO Mobile subscribers for their services. Please call ECO Mobile with any questions or comments about services.

*Sprint® is a trademark of Sprint®.